OptioNavigator, DeutscheGarantie & Co. - rip off in big style

Do not trade with Binary Options? 3,000 euros a week from home earn? Relax and sit back and watch the continent grow? A dream becomes true - one might assume. But as is known, dreams are only foams.

If you are dealing with the binary trade, all take a look at the site here the Internet will inevitably come up with trading robots and online tools that make recommendations for trades. Among the best known representatives are:

We have now looked at these vendors more closely and are shocked by the means by which inexperienced and inexperienced traders are pulled out of their pockets. But it gets worse: behind all this, only one company is involved, and a serious broker is involved.

Empty promises: How fraud systems work

Let's start with the German website of the OptioNavigator. An onliner actress tells the story of the poor swallowing Ralf, who was in a financial crisis. this page can With the aid of the trading system, he managed to continue reading this new earn 3,000 euros a week. Now, he even thinks he should cancel his fixed position. On the English website is Happy Edward Green, who has made £ 8,550 in a month of 500 GPB. They have not even bothered to tell different stories. Only the names were exchanged.

In a video reminding you of a teleshopping presentation, you will be told how to open an account, make the first deposit, and simply follow the bots' recommendations. There is no more information on where the data for the recommendations come from.

Please note, however, that the trading software is still free. Soon, however, fees are due, which is why you should immediately opt for the system. We see this our her response as a cheap and fast-to-see sales argument, which, hopefully, nobody will reinstate.

All five websites require the trader to make a deposit with take additional info a cooperating broker in order to work with the trading system. A test version or similar. There is not, which in turn indicates a fraud.

While the websites OptioNavigator and Tradox are very similar, the websites of DeutscheGrieantie, ProfitExperte and SearchingProfits show a somewhat simpler and not too commercial. At first sight, one might assume that these are serious providers. However, this changes quickly when information about the provider is searched.

We tried to contact the OPN and used the given e-mail addresses of the respective pages, since no telephone number could be found anywhere. But we were immediately informed that the recipient could not be reached. It looks as if it is a fake.

Our recommendation:


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Who is the cooperating broker?

On the websites it is your input here with always said that different brokers are available. In truth, there is only one broker, namely EZTrader. This is very surprising, as the company WGM Services based in Cyprus is regulated by the Cypriot financial regulator CySEC.

Because no information about the OptioNavigator and the other systems could be found on the broker's website, we inquired about customer service. A friendly lady was told that you would no longer work with OptioNavigator, but with the trading system DeutscheGarantie. The only question is why the OptioNavigator web site still requires that an account be opened with EZTrader, but this page is not part of the advantage of EZTrader. The call ended abruptly.

During the second call, a male employee pointed to the trading systems DeutscheGrieantie Searching Profits. The OptioNavigator is not for German customers. It is questionable, why a German version of the page exists.

After that, we wanted to know which company is behind these systems, but we did not get a direct response.