Binary options 60 seconds


The 60-second trades are now being offered by more and more brokers, as demand is steadily rising. also he has a good point The popularity is probably due to the fact that high returns between 60 and 80 percent can be achieved within 60 seconds.

As a rule, the 60-second trades are traded as classic call and put options. In this case, the trader determines whether the price of an underlying will rise (call) or fall (put) within one minute. What sounds very simple at first is very complicated and special, as this highly speculative trade linked here me is also a high risk.

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What are the basics for 60-second trading? Why is high market volatility so important?

What is the best way to use the 60-second trade?

What are the basics for 60-second trading?

Not every underlying is suitable for this trading type. Values ​​with very high volatility, such as currencies or published here then the raw materials gold and oil, should be chosen. On the other hand, equities are less suitable for short-term trading activities.

In a quiet market, the 60-second trading is not worthwhile as the forecasted course development must occur within 60 seconds. In particular, a break out of a sideways movement, an excellent time to enter the trade. Such her via sudden price volatility increases the probability that the price will move in a trend direction.

What sums should be invested?

For most brokers, binary options can be traded at a rate of 10 euros or more. Beginners wishing to start with the 60-second trade should not invest more than 20 euros per trade as they do not suffer from high discover this info here person losses. In addition, good returns can be achieved even with small bets.

It is also essential to follow the news situation. Publications of economic data, banknote decisions, publications of company balances etc. have a direct influence on the prices of underlying assets. As soon as changes take place, your why not check here the 60-second trading can be started immediately, as the profit chances are good here.

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Which strategies are useful?

As mentioned above, especially longer sideways of a course for the 60-second trade, which then suddenly flutter up or down. The same is true of ongoing trends with constant rising or declining prices. In these cases, the trend-following strategy is then applied. This is one of the most important principles: If a trend is how use this link going up or down over a longer time, the trend is likely to persist for a long time. Exceptions confirm the rule, but the experience has shown that the profit chances are good when a market trend is set.

Example have visit website scenario:

Assuming it is a classic trajectory continuation pattern: after a short sideways phase, the upward trend in oil continues. The probability that the price will continue to rise is enormous, which is why a call option is set. Now the trend continues as expected and a return is achieved within a minute.

The 60-second trade is not to everyone